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Pre-Purchasing Advice

For assistance contact A&F Technology Services @ 3-2461 or e-mail

  • Ensure the device or software meets your needs
  • Ensure the device or software is compatible with University equipment

Buy Computers & Software

For Campus
For Home
Contact A&F Technology Services for advice on the best computing devices.

Call 273-2461 / e-mail

Students, Faculty, Staff and Emeritus (discounts available)
Contact A&F Technology Services before purchasing software to ensure compatiblity with your computer system.

Standard Software

The software listed below is routinely installed on Administration and Finance computers.

  • Microsoft office
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Real Player
  • Secure FTP software
  • Thunderbird
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Oracle Calendar
  • Symantec Anti-Virus
  • Windows Defender
  • Oracle Applications - UNI e-Business Suite
  • Secure TElnet
  • Winzip
Employees are restricted from installing software on their computers. If additional software is needed, contact A&F Technology Services, for installation.


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Computer Equipment to be Sold at Auction
NOTE: Departments in the A&F division call 3-2461 for equipment disposal. All other campus departments follow steps 1-5.

  1. Cleanse the Computer Hard Drive
  2. Complete the "Data Cleansed Certification" sticker and place on the computer
    (Stickers can be obtained from Campus Supply)
  3. Complete the following forms:
    1. Equipment Inventory Deletions Report (PDF)
    2. Transit/Surplus Form (PDF) Transit/Surplus Form (Excel)
    3. Mail completed reports to:
      Kelly Flege, Director of Business Operations
      Office of Business Operations
      Gilchrist 103
      Mail Code 0008
  4. Business Operations (Kelly Flege, 273-3420) will arrange for Transportation to pick-up the equipment, will prepare for an onsite tag sale, or will reassign the equipment on campus.
  5. Transportation picks-up equipment going to auction.
NOTE: Computers that have not been cleansed will not be picked-up.

Non-Functioning Monitors & UPS Batteries*

  1. Label the unit as non-functioning.
  2. Contact the Physical Plant (273-4400)
  3. Transportation picks-up the monitor and disposes of the unit properly.
*UPS is the acronym for Uninterrupted Power Supply