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Laptop Security

Laptops and Tablet PCs will receive operating system and virus protection updates when connected to the UNI network via ethernet cable or wireless but they must be connected. Weekly, at a minimum, your laptop should be connected to the UNI network. Laptops are also at greater risk of theft so take precautions to not leave your laptop unattended.

Windows Updates

A&F division computers will have updates automatically installed. Updates will occur after 5 p.m. Employees can shutdown computers when leaving work and computers will automatically power up when updates are installed. Don't shutdown if you will be using Remote Access.

Mac Updates

Your Mac should be set to install software updates automatically. In system Preferences click on Software Update. Check the box and choose Daily.

Computer Infected?

Contact A&F technical support at 273-2461 if you think your computer may be infected.

Security Tools 10 Tips to Protect Your Data

Virus Information