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Complied March 2000
Finegan, Don "Symphony in Three Forms" Fiberglass, Bronze, copper Exterior: East side of Russell Hall 1960
Delafield, David "Gregorian Chant" Mosaic Exterior: South end of Russell hall 1960
Egri, Ted "Impact of Experience" Cor-ten Steel Exterior: Between Rod Library & East Gymnasium 1964
Haskell, Ralph "Metal Wall Sculpture" Metal Interior: Stairwells of Rod Library 1964
Whiting, Edward "The Acrobats" Fiberglass and epoxy resin Exterior:  Redeker Center complex courtyard 1965
Padavano, Anthony "Towers Art Project
(The Three Mushrooms)"
Painted steel Exterior: South of the Towers Dining Center 1973
Hung-Shu, Hu "Environmental Place" Fountain; stainless steel, concrete, bricks, fiberglass, plywood Exterior: East plaza outside Schindler Education Center 1973
Ogle, Philip "Dichotomy II" Galvanized steel Interior: Rod Library suspended 2nd-3rd floors 1974
Lorr, Anthony "Variations On A Theme: Joy" Stainless steel Exterior: Plaza between Seerley Hall and McCollum Science Hall 1975
Engman, Robert "Industrial Technology Sculpture" Cor-ten Steel Exterior: Northwest of Industrial Technology Center 1979
Dusenbery, Walter "Porta Largo" Sardinian white marble Exterior: South side of Kamerick Art Building 1985
Hung-Shu, Hu "Untitled" Plexiglas Interior: Hemisphere Lounge, Maucker Union 1985
Burns, Sharon Four framed works: "Masquerade Ball" "Brontosaurus Breakthrough" "Sweeping..." "By Gone Birthdays" Oil on Canvas Interior: Lobby of Kamerick Art Building 1985
Stalnaker, Budd   Fiber work Interior: Rod Library 1985
Schultz, John "Origins Of Life" Photomontage Interior: McCollum Science Hall 1985
Benton, Fletcher "Balanced/Unbalanced Beaks" Painted steel Exterior: North side of Curris Business Building 1993
Anderson, Hale "Star Panel Nacreous Pink" Cast Acrylic Interior: Strayer-Wood Theatre  
Echeverria, Frje "New Painting Room" Pastels Interior: Center for Educational Technology  
Sandvik, Loren "Untitled" Wall hanging: Silkscreen, metal, fabric, paint Interior: Club Ninety One, Maucker Union 1993
Loftquist, Janet "Nature's Secret" Limestone, bronze, cast concrete Exterior: North side of Latham hall
Marcheschi, Cork "Iowa Cycles" Aluminum and neon; reflecting pool Exterior: Union Plaza, between Rod Library and Maucker Union 1994
Sweet, Jason "Architectural and Environmental Symposium" Bronze Exterior: Industrial Technology Center, west side 1994
Eldred, Dale and
Robbie Lord
"Sun Studies" Defraction grating Interior: Center for Energy and Environmental Education 1994
Gibbs, Tom "Dedicated To Annie Turner Wittenmyer" Bronze and stone Exterior: Center of circular drive east of Lang Hall 1996
Perless, Robert "Rotovane" Stainless steel Exterior: Residence on the Hill  1995 approx
Dodge, William De Leftwich "Education", 1920; "In Memorium", 1920; "Agriculture", 1921; "The Council of Indians", 1921; "The Commonwealth", 1921 Restoration of murals in Great Reading Room Interior: Seerley hall 1995
Easley, Jeff "Wall Sculpture" Wood relief sculptures Interior: Commons Dining Center _ southwest entrance 1995
Kelley, Gary Mural   Interior: ROTH Residence Halls 1996
Stancliffe, Tom     Exterior: Price Lab School north side, running track 1996
Schnabel, JoAnn "Pedestals" Ceramic Interior: McCollum Science Hall 1996
Anderson, Hale "Gate" "Blade" "Panel 3" Plexiglass Interior"Maucker Union. Only one piece is currently on display, sitting near Hemisphere Lounge  
King, Ray "Prismatic Pyramids" Refractive glass, stainless steel Interior: Over Grand Staircase, Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Art Center 2000
Oppenheim, Dennis "Stage Set For A Film #1" Steel, found objects Exterior: Between Wellness Recreation Center and UNI Dome on Hudson Road 2000
Ketchum, Harriet/Carl Rohl-Smith Replicas of sculptures on the Soldier's and Sailor's Monument at the state Capitol Plaster - in process of being restored Interior: Lang hall Auditorium 2000
Information on some of the sculptures can be found here