University of Northern Iowa

Art and Architecture | University of Northern Iowa Public Art

Committee Members

Name Representing Appointed By
Steve Carignan, Chair Administration and Financial Services Vice President for Administration and Financial Services
Glenn Swanson  Architect, Facilities Planning  Associate Vice President, Facilities Planning
Darrell Taylor UNI Art Gallery Director 
Tom Stancliffe Department of Art Executive Vice President and Provost
Pat Beck Student Affairs Vice President for Student Affairs
Susanna Schuerman Development and Alumni President of UNI Foundation
Sarah Deppe Students  Northern Iowa Student Government 
Open Student 
* Michael Hager  Project Representative  Assistant Vice Presient for Student Affairs, Executive Director of Residence
* These appointments will be linked to individual capital projects. The committee member will serve a period of time consistent with consideration for the art for the project and will have voting rights only on matters related to that particular project. When more than one capital project is under consideration by the committee, the membership will so reflect.