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1 January, 2002

The following enhancements and system changes are scheduled for release on January 1, 2002.

Technical Items
Item Description
New JInitiator Due to a system-level upgrade, a new version of the jinitiator needs to be installed on employee computers. If problems encountered, please contact your information technology coordinator for assistance.
Username/Password Length Fix Installed patch to allow for longer username/password combination.

Statement of Accounts Report
Item Description
Requisition and Purchase Order Number Display Purchase order and requisition numbers will now consistently appear at the detail level.
Zeros ($0.00) in Current Month Actuals and/or Year-to-Date Actuals Added the ability to drill-down into detail when activity nets to $0.00 in the Current Month Actuals and Year-to-Date Actuals fields. NOTE: When no activity, drill-down will yield a blank report page.
Displayed Invoice Detail In the past, when drilling into an invoice number (UNI Reference), detail for all invoices with that number was displayed regardless of supplier name. Invoice detail on drill-down has now been restricted to match on supplier and invoice.
Encumbrance Detail Encumbrance details that net to $0.00 in a given month are suppressed.

Application Items
Item Description
Supplier Discounts (backoffice use only) Changed setup to correct supplier discount processing.
Note to Buyer Included "Note to Buyer" information in the "UNI Print Selected Requisitions with Detail" report.
Payment Inquiry Addition of "Payment Inquiry" to the end user menu. Can be used to verify payment of supplier invoice.

Form Items
The forms listed below have been changed. Please download the latest versions from the
Forms Repository
Item Description
Maucker Union Chargebacks (maucker.xls) Corrected data validation in "Accounting Date" cell (J11) and added backoffice offset entry functionality.
Residence System Chargebacks (res_syst.xls) Added backoffice offset entry functionality.
Journal Entries (manual_adj.xls) Added backoffice offset entry functionality.
Procurement Cards (procard.xls) Added backoffice offset entry functionality.
Cash Receipts for Deposit (cashiering.xls) Added backoffice offset entry functionality.
Travel Authorization/Reimbursement (travel.xls) Increased field size to accommodate Oracle account number, removed shading from signatures section, added field to specify supplier number when submitting on behalf of a non-employee or student, added available expense types, general formatting changes.
Request for Payment (reqpay.xls) Included instructions for check handling, additional lines for referenced invoices and account code information, general formatting changes.

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