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1 April, 2002

The following enhancements and system changes are scheduled for release on April 1, 2002.

Report Items
Item Description
Transaction Detail Report This new report provides the user with a listing of all detail transactions and includes beginning and ending balances. While the user can define any period range, the report is typically run monthly and allows the user the opportunity to review and verify all transactions that detail the activity in their various accounts. The detail transactions are sorted by object code with totals per parent object code.
Summary Trial Balance Report This new report provides the user with a listing of the object codes used for a specific account and serves as a quick reference to account activity for cash balances, revenues and expenditures. The object code amounts on this report reconcile to those in the Transaction Detail Report. The report can be run by fund or specific account number for any period range.
Encumbrance Summary Report This new report will provide a list all of net encumbrances by account or by fund. The report can be run from either the MEMFIS Reports menu or by clicking on the total encumbrance figure in the Statement of Account Report.
Statement of Accounts Report Each encumbrance total now includes drilldown capability to the Encumbrance Summary Report. The drilldown to cell detail feature has been corrected to display the "line" number on any report that includes salary information.
Funds Available for Viewing An additional column has been included for access to the Encumbrance Summary Report.
Personnel Expenditures for a Specific Account Report The drilldown to cell detail feature has been corrected to display data for only the line selected.

Application Items
Item Description
Unnecessary Items Removed from User Menu In support of current purchasing business processes, menu options allowing for corrections, returns, and matching unordered receipts have been removed from the standard user menu option listing.
Journal Inquiry Menu Option Added To allow for verification of journal entry posting activities, a new option has been added to the standard user menu. Navigation is as follows: Inquiry-->Journal

Form Items
The forms listed below have been changed. Please download the latest versions from the
Forms Repository
Item Description
Authorization Approval Form (access.xls) A new version of the form used to authorize user access to the system has been developed.
Travel Authorization/Reimbursement (travel.xls) Corrected various formatting problems, including data entry into the "line" cell and printing irregularities.

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