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Access e-Business Suite

Changing a e-Business Suite Password

Log on to e-Business Suite Applications


Creating Requisitions

Deleting and Canceling Requisitions

Printing Requisitions

Receiving Supplies/Services

Shortcuts Creating Requisitions

Approving Requisitions

Setting a e-Business Suite Proxy

Invoice Inquiry

Purchase Order Inquiry

Requisition Inquiry

Supplier Inquiry

PO Expected Receipts Report

Using Forms Effectively

Completing Request for Payment

Creating Journal Entries

Depositing Cash Receipts

Pro-Card Processing

Using Web ADI's

Budget Application

Budget Adjustments

Creating Batches for Salary Increases

Completing Salary Increase Worksheets

Creating Batches for Self-Support Fund Worksheets

Completing Self-Support Fund Worksheets


Employee Self Service

Authorize Payroll Deduction for Purchases Charged to your ID

View/Update Payroll Direct Deposit

View Payslip

View and Print W-2

Changing W2 Delivery Preference

View/Update Personal Information

View/Change Emergency Contact Information

View/Update W-4 Information

View Fringe Benefit Statement

View Leave Balances

View Leave Balances as Supervisor

Create My List


Manager Self-Service

View Employee Data

View Employee Leave Balances

Review Timecards

Approve Timecards

Create My List


UNI Time

Student Weekly Timecard

Merit Weekly Timecard

Physical Plant Merit Weekly Timecard

P&S Hourly Timecard

Monthly Timecard

Approving Timecards

Reviewing Timecards

Create/Edit Timecards as Timecard Mgr

Timecard Status Report
Work Study Monitoring Report


UNI Workflow

Closing Open Notifications

Setting a Proxy

e-Business Worklist Access


OBI Financial Reports

Accessing e-Business Suite Reports

Using Web Focus Launch Page

Employees by HR Organization

Finding General Fund Account Balance

Finding Non-General Fund Account Balance

Reconciling Accounts


Discoverer Reports

Budget Detail Report

Unpaid Leave Reports

Labor Distribution Report

Payroll Expense Report

Personnel Expenditure Reports


Student Employment Approval Forms

Create New Student Employment Approval Form

Change Student Employment Approval Form

Terminate Assignment in SEAF



Date Updated: January 22, 2016