University of Northern Iowa

Emergency Shelters - Academic Buildings

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Any Campus Building not listed

The best protection in a tornado or severe weather is usually an underground area. The best above ground areas in a building are:

  • Small interior rooms on lowest level.
  • Hallways on lowest floor away from outside doors and windows.
  • Rooms constructed of reinforced concrete, brick or block with no windows and heavy concrete floor or roof.

Emergency Phones

  • Public Safety: 3-4000 or 9-911
  • Physical Plant: 3-4400

Shelter Locations

A#2: Lower floor rooms 009 and 099A.
BAR: Restrooms on Ground floor and rooms 44 and 46.
BCS: Ground floor rest room.
BRC: Rooms 51, 52.
CAC: Interior hallway by room 112, hallway by room 126.
CBB: Ground floor hallway adjacent to rooms 25, 27, 29.
CEEE: Rooms 005, 007.
CET: Lower level rooms 104, 105.
COM: Hallways by 299A and 299B.
DOM: Bleachers: Dome concourse, restrooms, office
Floor: McLeod tunnel, WRC tunnel, football locker room.
GIL: Basement hallway.
GNH: Basement level hall at the bottom of stairs.
HPC: Hallway outside 001.
ITC: Restrooms and rooms 030, and 034.
ITT: (East Gym) Restrooms every floor.
KAB: Restrooms and interior area between 121 and 199D.
LAT: Basement restroom & basement level hall from room 102-120 and 132-142.
LIB: Hallway from 132 to 110.
LNG: Hallway 099A and 099.
MAU: Lower level.
MCL: Lower level hallways.
MSH: Basement North hallway from room 057 to 081.
Basement South hallway from room 025 to 010. Connecting middle hallway.
MUS: Rooms 014, 015, 006.
PSY: Basement hallways.
PHP: Grounds break room, campus supply room 25. Rooms 021, 025, 037, and center restrooms.
PHY: (Begemann) Ground floor 008 and entrances to 003, 004. First floor entrances to 103, 104, 108.
RSL: Basement North and West hallways from room 047 to 073.
SAB: All floors center restrooms.
SEC: Basement hallway and basement corridor.
SHC: Interior offices and exam rooms.
SRL: First floor main lobby, near statuary & hallway by room 1.
SSC: (East Bartlett) Ground floor hallway between rooms 001 and 006. First floor hallway between 101 and 126.
SWT: Basement level green room & basement hallway by room 11.
WH1: Restrooms.
WRC: Ground level men and women's pool locker rooms. First floor interior hallways.
WRT: Ground floor North -South Hallway.
WST: Ground floor interior hallways.

Academic Building List

A#2 2601 Campus Street - Facilities
BAR Bartlett Hall
BCSBusiness & Community Services
BRCBiology Research Complex
CACCommunication Arts Center
CBBCurris Business Building
CEEECenter for Energy and Environmental Education
CETCenter for Education Technology
HPCRichard O Jacobson Human Performance Center
ITCIndustrial Technology Center
ITTInnovative Teaching and Technology Center
KABKamerick Art Building
LATLatham Hall
LIBRod library
LNGLang Hall
MAUMauker Union
MCLMcleod Center
MSHMcCollum Science Hall
PHPPhysical Plant
PHYPhysics Building (Begemann Hall)
PSYPsychology Building (P#1)
RSLRussell Hall
SABSabin Hall
SECSchindler Education Center
SHCStudent Health Center
SRlSeerley Hall
SSCEast Bartlett
SWTStrayer-Wood Theatre
WHlWarehouse 1
WRCWellness Recreation Center
WRTWright Hall
WSTWest Gym