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University Safety-Related Policies

Safety Programs

For a contact's phone number, please refer to the UNI Safety Staff page.

All programs listed as "Online" are in pdf format. All topics are also available in hard copy by visiting the Safety office in PHP 10 or by contacting a Safety Consultant.

Name of Program Availability Contact
Accident Investigation Incident Investigation Form
Explanation Memo
First Report of Injury
Accident Reporting Flow Chart
Illness/Injury Report Form
Wendel Reece

Dean Shoars
Asbestos Management Plans Online Wendel Reece
Biosafety Program Online Gordon Krueger
Bloodborne Pathogens Online Wendel Reece
Chemical Hygiene Program Online Gordon Krueger
DOT Hazmat Security Plan Online Gordon Krueger
Elecrical Safety - Work Practices Program Online Jason Kayser
Emergency Action Plans Physical Plant
Shelter Locations
Developing an EAP
Evacuation Routes
Emergency Guidelines and Numbers
Tornado Preparedness Tips for School Administrators
Emergency Action Plan Checklist
Wendel Reece
Forklift Operator Program Online Wendel Reece
Fume Hood Program Online Gordon Krueger
Hazard Communication Program Online Wendel Reece
Hazardous Waste Manual Online Gordon Krueger
Laboratory Sharps and Biohazardous Waste Procedures Online Gordon Krueger
Laser Safety Online Gordon Krueger
Lead Paint Guidance Document Online Wendel Reece
Lockout/Tagout Online Wendel Reece
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Physical Plant
Power Plant
All other departments.
If the MSDS is unavailable online, check MSDS books in PHP10.

Contact specific department.
Wendel Reece
Natural Gas Odor Policy Online Dean Shoars
OSHA 300 Log Hard Copy Wendel Reece
Permit-Required Confined Space Program Online Wendel Reece
Personal Protective Equipment Online Wendel Reece
Pre-Demolition Checklist Online Wendel Reece
Protection of Bilco Door/Manhole Openings Online Wendel Reece
Protective Shoe Policy Online Wendel Reece
Radiation Safety Manual Online Gordon Krueger
Restricted Access Entry Program Online Wendel Reece
Respiratory Protection Online Wendel Reece
Seatbelt Policy Online Wendel Reece
Student Employee General Safety Policy Online Dean Shoars
Student Employee Protective Shoe Policy Online Wendel Reece
SPCC Plan Hard Copy Dean Shoars
Vehicle Safety Equipment Maintenance Plan Online Wendel Reece