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Panther Plot Webcam

A fresh vegetable and produce garden located on campus, the Panther Plot is organized and maintained by students of all disciplines and majors. However, there's more to the Panther Plot than meets the eye. Beyond simply growing and harvesting the produce, the students who run the Panther Plot are interested in giving back to the community. Portions of each harvest are donated to several places, including the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.

Because the goal of the Panther Plot is education and involvement in local food production and consumption, the students and staff are pleased to introduce the Garden Cam! Now students, faculty, and community members can witness firsthand the local production of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a unique opportunity to truly experience and understand where our food comes from and how it is grown, from seedling to final product. Don't miss out; check out the Garden Cam today!

Weather observations provided by the STORM Project, Department of Earth Science, University of Northern Iowa.

More local weather data is available at the STORM website.