Education Summit 2015

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Ralph E. Reynolds

Amelia Holden-McMurray

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University Events Coordination

All events will take place in the Maucker Student Union located on the UNI campus. Parking will be available in the Multi Modal Transportation Center on 23rd street. Click here to view the campus map.


Creating and delivering quality public education requires a complex system of institutions and individuals. Institutional change (reform) is always difficult; however, it becomes significantly more probable if relevant stakeholders are involved at all levels of the reform discussion. The Education Summit provides a venue and an opportunity for these discussions and interactions to take place in our collective effort to advance public education in the State of Iowa.

The Summit program this year focuses on four strands: literacy, teacher leadership, STEM, and diversity. Internationally known and respected education scholars from each of these strands will deliver keynote addresses.

In addition,

Each of these speakers will also hold smaller breakout sessions aimed at speaker-audience interaction concerning the topics raised in their comments. Additional breakout sessions will feature local scholars discussing similar issues from more school-/classroom- oriented perspectives.