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Baker Hall Demo - Institutional Roads 2014

Campbell Hall Restroom 412 Remodel

Campus Stream Bank Stabilization

CEEE Window Replacement Phase 1

CEEE Window Replacement Phase 2

Central Campus Micro Master Plan

Redo ButtonCommons Room 121 Remodel

Redo ButtonCurris Business Building Rooms 1 and 3 Renovation

Redo ButtonDome - South Concourse Meeting Room

Redo ButtonEast Bartlett HVAC - Room Heat Pumps and Piping Replacement

GIL 102 & 105 Reception Count and 116A Door installation

Redo ButtonGilchrist 102, 116, 118 Remodel

Hagemann Hall Restroom 440 Remodel

Redo ButtonInstitutional Roads 2015

Redo ButtonInstitutional Roads 2016

Redo ButtonITC New ADA Restroom

Redo ButtonKamerick Courtyard Repairs

Lawther Hall - Asbestos Abatement

Lawther Hall Feasibility Study

Lawther Hall Renovation Project

Library - West Entrance and Café

Redo ButtonMaucker Union Cafe Renovation

Redo ButtonMaucker Union Lactation Room

Redo ButtonMaucker Union Plaza Repairs

Redo ButtonMaucker Union Student Organization Renovation

MAU Gender Neutral Restroom

MAU Prexy's Renovation

Redo ButtonMCL-Locker Room Remodel

MCL Paver System Repairs

McLeod Center Sound System Upgrade

Redo ButtonNorth Campus Electrical Distribution

Redo ButtonNorth Loop Condensate Replacement

Redo ButtonNorth Loop Condensate Replacement Vault V11CS4 to WRC

Redo ButtonPhysical Plant Storm Sewer Repair

Redo ButtonPower Plant Air Regulation Compliance

Power Plant Boilers #1 & 2 Electrical Infrastructure

Redo ButtonPower Plant Boiler #3 Wall Panel Replacement

Power Plant Boilers 3 & 4 Controls Upgrade

Power Plant Coal Conveying System Electrical

Redo ButtonPower Plant Roof 1 Replacement

Redo ButtonPower Plant Security Entrance and Fence

Redo ButtonPower Plant Storage Facility

Redo ButtonPower Plant Storage Facility - Site Restoration

Redo ButtonPower Plant Water Treatment Improvements

Redo ButtonPrice Lab School Demolition

Redo ButtonPrice Lab School Memorial Plaza

Redo ButtonRider Hall Restroom Remodel

Redo ButtonRod Library Scholar Space and Maker Space Development

Redo ButtonSchindler Education Center Renovation

Redo ButtonSouth Art Parking Lot Reconstruction

Redo ButtonSouthwest Campus Stormwater Management

Redo ButtonSpace Needs Study

Redo ButtonSteam System Distribution and Tunnel Study/Master Plan

Redo ButtonSWT New ADA Restroom

Redo ButtonUNI-CUE Vestibule Addition

Redo ButtonUniversity Signage Board


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