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Board of Regents Policy Manual


IDC/PR Transmittal
Change Order Transmittal
Document Review Transmittal
FAX Transmittal
General Transmittal
Pre-Demolition Environmental Checklist
Record Document Transmittal

General Forms

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Checklist
Cover-Up Review
Division 0 - Information Request
Document Review Comments Form
Final Acceptance
General Conditions (Projects under $25,000)
General Conditions - Informal Bids (Projects $25,000 - $100,000)
Preconstruction Meeting Minutes
Preconstruction Meeting Agenda
Project Closeout Checklist
Project Set-Up and Docket Info
Site Inspection Report
Title Page for Project Manual

General Coordination

Project Coordination Procedures

Design Professionals

Design Professional Procedures


Application for Payment Form (Consultant)
Application for Payment Form (Contractor)
Change Order
Consent of Surety to Final Payment
Consent of Surety to Reduction in or Partial Release of Retainage
Electronic Files Procedures
Electrical Commissioning Checklist (Non-LEED)
Interim Directed Change
Mechanical Commissioning Checklist (Non-LEED)
Prebid Conference Agenda
Preconstruction Meeting Agenda
Progress Meeting Agenda
Proposal Request
Release/Reduction of Retainage Request
Request for Information (RFI)
Certificate of Substantial Completion
Supplemental Instruction
TSB Certification of Payment
TSB Final Payment Reporting Form
Waiver of Claim Rights

Design Guidelines

Design Document Requirements