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Electronic Bidding


State of Iowa Regent Institutions & the University of Northern Iowa is pleased to announce the transition to secure Internet bidding via the Bid Express Service. Electronic bid submission will be available starting in late Summer 2017 and will be the mandated form of bidding as of January, 1st, 2018.

Electronic bid submission allows for digitally-signed bids, eliminates costs for hand and hired delivery of bid packages, provides error checking and alerts to omissions prior to submission, easily accommodates last minute changes and price cuts, as well as automated email notifications that alert vendors of solicitation postings and solicitation changes.  

It is pertinent all vendors register, setup to bid electronically, and navigate the service in advance to upcoming solicitation deadlines. All vendors who intend to submit their bids electronically will be required to install the Info Tech Express Sign Tool and generate an Info Tech Digital ID(s) for their business’ authorized signer(s). Please see the following Info Tech Digital ID Policy for additional time sensitive information.

Additionally, please see the following Fee Schedule. General navigation (registering, setting up to bid electronically, and solicitation review) of prior to actual selection of a solicitation for bidding is free. Upon opting to electronically submit bids on a solicitation, the above payment approaches apply.

If you need additional Bid Express assistance, please call the dedicated Bid Express customer support team at 888-352-BIDX (2439), option #1 for live support on business days from 6:00am – 7:00pm (CST). You can also email the team at

Also attached is the Bid Express Quick Start Guide.

In addition, here is Surety2000 & Insure Vision's contact information. Vendors and their agents must register with the agency of their choice in order to be issued electronic bonds.

Surety 2000:

Lisa Deatherage
Tel: (800) 660-3263

InSure Vision (SurePath Network):

Tel: (800) 989-6417

Bid Express Quick Start Guide