About Human Resource Services

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for organizing, directing and evaluating programs related to the recruitment, development, retention, and retirement of employees while complying with applicable governmental regulations.

UNI Human Resource Services (HRS) is a department within the Administration and Financial Services Division. Complementary department to HRS are Office of Compliance and Equity Management (OCEM) and Payroll. Other departments within our division are: AF Tech Services, Budget, Business Operations, Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities Planning, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Physical Plant, Public Safety, and University Sustainability.

Mission Statement

Provide a high level of professional leadership and support to the University community through best practices human resource management. Foster an environment where collaboration, positive relationships, continuous learning and development, open communication, and inclusion are valued and encouraged.

Vision Statement
Human Resource Services will provide the decision making tools, expertise and support that enable the University to achieve its goals. We will provide leadership, exceptional service, innovative solutions, respond positively to new challenges and actively support the current and emerging needs of faculty and staff.


  • Continual learning and leadership development
  • Respectful, confident service
  • Strategic organizational planning
  • Open and effective communication
  • Diversity and inclusion at all levels
  • Accountable to the University community

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Date Updated: January 16, 2014