Adverse Weather

The winter season brings with it the potential for adverse
weather conditions. Questions on how faculty and staff
absences should be handled during adverse weather are common
this time of year. The following serves to provide helpful information in
handling these situations.

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4.07 University Weather/Working Conditions Policy
2013-2015 AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement (PDF)
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Description of Adverse Weather Conditions

The 4.07 University Weather/Working Conditions policy indicates the University would generally maintain a regular schedule during periods of severe weather. Faculty and staff have the opportunity to make their own decision about reporting to work with due consideration for travel safety conditions. P&S staff would typically record an absence using accrued vacation (non-temporary only) or unpaid leave unless other arrangements have been made with their supervisor.

Generally, non-temporary merit staff who are absent from work due to a weather related emergency may use accrued vacation, earned compensatory time or leave without pay to record the absence. There is also an option to make up missed time and this must take place within the same work week (Sunday to Saturday). For additional information related to weather conditions for AFSCME covered staff, please refer to Article XI, Section 6 (Severe Weather/Emergency Closing) starting on page 92 of the 2013-2015 AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement.


  • Questions related to policy 4.07 or the AFSCME collective bargaining agreement may be directed to Human Resource Services at or 273-2422.

  • Questions related to the recording of absence time may be directed to Kim in payroll at or 273-6425.

  • The Weather Information page at provides useful resources related to inclement weather.

  • Weather related cancellations or delays will be listed on the UNI home page in red text in the upper right-hand area.

Please be sure to communicate other relevant departmental procedures or expectations related to adverse weather and have a safe winter season!

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Date Updated: September 23, 2013