Biometric Health Screening: Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1 What is a Biometric Health Screening and why should I participate?

A Biometric Screening is a quick health assessment that determines your overall health and assesses your risk for medical conditions. Completing a health assessment is a proven way to save on future health care expenses.

The screening measures:

  • Body Composition – including height, weight and body mass index (BMI)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Profile – including total cholesterol, high density lipoproteins (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL), triglycerides and blood glucose levels
  • Voluntary Thyroid Screening (cost: $15)
  • Voluntary Prostate Screening (cost: $15)
  • Liver Enzyme Testing (cost: $8)
  • Hemoglobin A1C (cost: $15)

The Biometric Screening is performed by wellness professionals at Wheaton Franciscan Wellness Services who are trained in performing wellness screenings. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the screening.

Q2 Who is eligible to participate?
  Biometric Screenings are available at no cost to all UNI faculty and staff. You do not have to be enrolled in a University health insurance plan to participate. Retirees covered on a University health plan are also eligible for the screening at no cost.

Spouses of UNI employees are eligible to participate in the screening for $25 (blood profile only). The body composition and blood pressure screening are an additional $5 each. Exact cash or checks are acceptable forms of payment (payable to Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare).

UNI students are not eligible to participate in the faculty/staff Biometric Screening; please contact the Student Health Center for information on the services available to students.

Q3 How often can I participate in a Biometric Screening?
  Employees and retirees are eligible for one free screening per academic year. If an individual would like to have more than one per academic year, the cost is $25 (blood profile only). The body composition and blood pressure screening are an additional $5 each.

Q4 Do I have to have all of the tests performed?
  No. We encourage employees to participate in all tests (blood pressure, body composition and blood profile) to give you a more accurate picture of your health, but you may decline to participate in certain parts of the screening.

Q5 Do I need to fast for the screening?
  Yes. You are required to fast 12 hours prior to your appointment. You may drink water, black coffee or tea (no cream or sugar). Take medications as usual. Fruit, granola, and juice will be provided after the screening.

Q6 Who will see my results?
  Your results are confidential and will only be viewed by you. UNI will receive an aggregate report from Wheaton Wellness Services that summarizes the total average numbers to assist in planning Employee Wellness programs.

Please note: you will be contacted by a health care professional at Wheaton Franciscan if your lab values are considered “critical”.

Q7 Will participation in the screening affect my health insurance premiums?
  No. Wheaton Wellness Services does not share individual results with UNI.

Q8 When will I receive my results?
  Your results will be mailed to your home address approximately 7-10 days following the screening.

Q9 Will my results be sent to my physician’s office?
  No. However, we encourage you to bring your report to your next doctor's visit or send the office a copy of the results.

Q10 What if I canít attend an on-campus screening?
  Employees can access the Walk-In Wellness Lab Screening anytime throughout the year to manage your health. This service is provided by Wheaton Occupational Medicine and Wellness Disease Management Program. Visit the Walk-In Wellness Lab Screening page for information on the location and cost of this service.

Questions can be directed to or 319-273-2824.
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Date Updated: February 19, 2014