Direct Deposit: Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1 How late in the month can I sign up for direct deposit or make a change in the bank/account information to be in effect for this month’s pay?
  Any direct deposit request forms received by payroll by the 8th of the month are processed for that month's payroll. This lead time is necessary so that the information can be a part of the pre-notification process with your financial institution which verifies account numbers as payroll has submitted them, thus safeguarding against errors. However, if you communicate to payroll that a change must be made after the 8th of the month, they can often make the exception and process the change.

Q2 How do I sign up for direct deposit?
  There is a simple form to fill out in Payroll, or you may call Payroll at 3-2656 to have a form sent to you. You should attach a voided check to the form so the account and bank numbers can be reviewed by Payroll. On the form you will need to report the bank, the account #, and the ABA bank routing number, which generally is the 1st 9 digits in the bottom left corner of a check. You will need to sign the form which is why requests cannot be taken over the phone. If we receive the form before the 8th of the month the direct deposit will be effective that month, otherwise it will be effective the following payday.

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Date Updated: April 22, 2010