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Why should I be concerned with long term care at this time in my life?

  This coverage can play a significant role in your overall financial security scenario. Just as you set aside money for your children’s education, your retirement, and other special goals, you may want to consider the benefits of including long term care insurance in your plans for several reasons. First, the coverage enables you to choose the type of care and the location that is right for you. Second, you’ll help protect your savings from the escalating costs of long term care. Third, you’ll avoid placing an undue burden on those you love, who could otherwise have to sacrifice time and money to assure your care.

Q2 What type of coverage do I receive with UNI’s Long Term Care Insurance Plan?
  University of Northern Iowa Long Term Care Insurance Plan helps cover long term care costs in a variety of locations: in your own home, in a nursing home, and in other types of care facilities that may be covered. You can receive services from trained nurses, home health care aides, therapists, and other types of caregivers.

Q3 Is this plan flexible? Will the rates increase as I age?
  Because of the flexibility built into this insurance, you can elect coverage that fits your budget. Also, once you are enrolled, your rates will not increase because you age or use your benefits. Rates can increase only if they increase for the class or group of which you are a part. The younger you are when you purchase the coverage, the lower your monthly premiums will be.

Q4 When can I enroll in UNI’s plan?
  New hires can enroll with guarantee issue within 30 days of becoming benefit eligible. All other active employees working at least 20 hours per week can enroll anytime but they must apply for and be approved for coverage. Family member can also enroll anytime by completing Statement of Health on the application at www.genworth.com/groupltc. Use Group ID: UNI and Access Code groupltc.

Q5 Can my family members be accepted to this plan?
  The University of Northern Iowa Long Term Care Insurance Plan is available to eligible employees, and their eligible spouses, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, and grandparents-in-law. The plan is also available to siblings, spouses of siblings, adult children and spouses of adult children of eligible employees. Your eligible family members will need to provide proof of good health before being accepted into the plan. They will need to complete the application at www.genworth.com/groupltc. Use Group ID: UNI and Access Code groupltc.

Q6 Can I continue the coverage if I leave or retire from the University?
  Yes. You can keep your coverage with you. If you leave the group and pay the premiums when due – it’s fully portable.

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Date Updated: January 14, 2013