Nursing Mothers and Lactation Room: Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1 How do I request a key for the lactation room?
  Complete a Key Request Form online. You will be contacted when your key is ready to be picked up.

Q2 How is each room scheduled for use?
  Human Resource Services maintains a google calendar for scheduling use of this room. If the room is not otherwise scheduled, visitors may also be allowed to utilize the room upon request. Please contact or 273-2423, in order to be added to the calendar or to request use.

Q3 How do I let people know the lactation room is in use?
  There is a latch that will turn with the lock of the door, to show the room is occupied when locked and vacant when not locked. Please lock the door while in use.

Q4 Who is able to gain access to each lactation room?

Only nursing mothers will be provided a key and access to use the lactation room.

Q5 When I no longer need to use the room, what do I do with my key?
  When you no longer need room access, please return your key to the key shop. The key can then be reissued to other nursing mothers who may need it.

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Date Updated: March 17, 2014