Faculty Sick Time Benefits

UNI grants paid leave benefits to eligible employee groups.
Faculty earn sick leave at the beginning of each semester and
two personal holidays in addition to nine University recognized holidays.
An unpaid leave of absence may be available depending on the employee’s individual situation; examples include Family Medical Leave and Military Leave.
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Full time Faculty accrue eight and a half (8.5) days of sick leave per semester.

Part time faculty accrue sick leave on a pro rata basis.

Maximum accrual is 120 days.

Sick leave does not accrue during any period of absence without pay.

Sick Leave Defined

Sick leave is leave with regular pay granted for personal injury or illness (including pregnancy). A faculty member may use sick leave, not to exceed five (5) days per academic year, for serious illness involving necessary care and attention for the faculty member's spouse, minor child, domestic partner, parent, or adoption of child.

Sick Leave Accruals

On the first (1st) day of each semester, eight and one-half (8.5) days will be added to the accumulated sick leave of each member of the unit holding a full-time appointment. Fractional credit, to the nearest day, will be credited to each member on a fractional appointment. If the faculty member's first (1st) working day is earlier than the regular first (1st) working day of the semester, the eight and one-half (8.5) days will be credited on such first (1st) working day.

The maximum accumulated sick leave credit shall be one hundred twenty (120) days. Sick leave shall not accrue during an unpaid leave of absence. Sick leave accrual will be prorated for faculty serving less than full time.

Sick Leave Bank

A sick leave bank with five hundred fifty (550) days is established July 1 each year for use by bargaining unit members. The sick leave bank does not accumulate from year to year but begins with each fiscal year with five hundred fifty (550) days.

A faculty member may use days from the bank; however, the use of sick leave days from the bank shall be limited to faculty members who have used all of their accumulated sick leave days, have not yet met the elimination period for long-term disability, and suffer from serious and/or chronic or long-term illness. Sick leave bank days may not be used during a short term illness or short term disability.

For additional information see article 7, subdivision 7.1 (sick leave) of the United Faculty contract

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Date Updated: July 15, 2011