Faculty Paid/Unpaid Time Off Benefits

UNI grants paid leave benefits to eligible employee groups.
Faculty earn sick leave at the beginning of each semester and
nine University recognized holidays. An unpaid leave of absence may be
available depending on the employee’s individual situation; examples
include Family Medical Leave and Military Leave.
UNI Paid Unpaid Time Off Benefits

List of Paid/Unpaid Time Off Benefits

Complete List of Benefits

Forms and Resources

Employees whose employment effective date commences before

New employees whose employment effective date commences after


The University offers various types of paid and unpaid time off. Types of leave vary depending on employee group. Use of sick leave, which may include personal illness, emergency, funeral, and pallbearer leave, is subject to supervisor approval. Use of Vacation or Compensatory time (where applicable) is also subject to supervisor approval. Employees should contact Human Resource Services for questions on leaves, including use of Unpaid Leave, Family and Medical Leave, and Military leave.

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Date Updated: July 2, 2012