Merit AFSCME and Merit Confidential Life Insurance Benefits: Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1 How do I change my beneficiary?
  Beneficiary changes can be made at any time by filing a written request with the UNI Human Resource Services Office. A completed and signed Beneficiary Change form must be received by HRS before the change will be put into effect.

Q2 Do I still have coverage if I am off work due to a disability?
  If you cease work for any reason, your insurance will normally terminate. However, if you cease active work because you are disabled, you might qualify to continue your Member Life Insurance. This continuation is called Coverage During Disability. Please contact the benefits office if you have any questions regarding this coverage.

Q3 Do I still have coverage once I retire from the University?
  You may continue one-third of your regular coverage by paying the premium if you have been employed at UNI for ten years or more. If you continue coverage through June 30 following when turn 70, you will have "paid up" coverage and no further premiums are required. The paid up death benefit is $2,000 for Merit employees.

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Date Updated: April 22, 2010