Merit AFSCME and Merit Confidential Vacation Benefits: Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1 Is there a maximum number of hours I can accrue?

Maximum accrual is twice the annual accrual. If sick leave is being converted to vacation the maximum accrual is increased by 12 days. When the maximum accrual limit is reached no further time will accrue until some vacation is used.


I’m a temporary employee, do I accrue vacation time?


No, only employees in a regular, permanent position working 20 hours or more accrue sick leave.

Q3 One of my vacation days falls on a holiday; do I still have to use vacation time for that day?
  If a scheduled vacation day falls on a holiday, you will be paid for the holiday and you will not be charged for vacation time.

Q4 I think there is an error with the number of vacation days I have left, who should I contact?
  Questions should be referred to Payroll, 273-6211

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Date Updated: April 22, 2010