Merit Vacations

UNI grants paid leave benefits to eligible employee groups.
Faculty earn sick leave at the beginning of each semester and
two personal holidays in addition to nine University recognized holidays.
An unpaid leave of absence may be available depending on the employee's individual situation; examples include Family Medical Leave and Military Leave.
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Vacation time may be donated to eligible employees who are suffering from a catastrophic illness and have exhausted all vacation and sick leave.

Catastrophic illness or injury means an illness and injury resulting in a medical condition for which a physician has certified that the condition is likely to result in a loss of 30 or more work days.

Leave shall be donated in increments of one hour or more on a pay period basis.

Description of Vacation Benefits for Merit AFSCME

Staff members begin earning vacation on their first day in pay status. Vacation accrues for all hours in pay status. Vacation usage is not permitted in excess of the staff member's current vacation balance.

Staff members who are regularly employed for 20 or more hours but less than 40 hours per week on a continuing basis will accrue vacation and personal holidays on a pro rata basis. Questions should be referred to Payroll, 3-6425.

Staff members receive eleven (11) holidays per year. Two of these are "personal holidays" and are included in the vacation accrual.

Holidays falling within the period of a paid vacation are paid as holidays and are not charged to the staff member's vacation. This does not apply to the vacation payout.

Following is the schedule for vacation accrual:

Years of Service Monthly Vacation Accrual-Hours

Monthly Personal Holiday Accrual-Hours

Monthly Total-Hours

Annual Accrual-Hours Annual Accrual-Days
0-4 6.67 1.33 8.00 96 Hours 12 Days
5-11 10.00 1.33 11.33 136 Hours 17 Days
12-19 13.33 1.33 14.66 176 Hours 22 Days
20-24 14.67 1.33 16.00 192 Hours 24 Days
25+ 16.67 1.33 18.00 216 Hours 27 Days

Maximum accrual is twice the annual accrual. If sick leave is being converted to vacation the maximum accrual is increased by 12 days. When the maximum accrual limit is reached no further time will accrue until some vacation is used.

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Date Updated: August 5, 2014