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UNI offers a comprehensive benefits package to eligible
faculty and their qualified dependents. Employees have
the option to enroll in health, dental & vision insurance plans.
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Double Spouse Credit Toward Family Coverage Form - P&S (PDF)

Quick Tips
If both spouses are employed by UNI, you may enroll in a double spouse family plan which reduces the employee cost of the plan.

Under the double spouse family plan, one spouse acts as the "plan member" and the other acts as the "spouse."

To enroll in the double spouse plan, please complete and return the Double Spouse Credit Toward Family Coverage form and return to HRS.

Description of Double Spouse Benefits for Academic Administrators, Institutional Officials, P&S, and Merit Supervisory & Confidential

If both you and your spouse are employed by the University of Northern Iowa in positions that are eligible for benefits, you may enroll in a double spouse family plan which reduces the employee cost of the health and dental plan. You will be covered under a family plan, which requires a "plan member" and a "spouse." Either spouse may be the "plan member." All claims are filed in the name of the "plan member."

In the event that either employee terminates employment, becomes ineligible to participate in this program, or for some reason does not have any pay coming for any month in which a premium is due, the remaining employee will have the deduction for coverage taken out of his/her paycheck.

If the "plan member" terminates his/her employment at the University, please contact the Benefits department to have the benefits changed to the other spouse's name.

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Date Updated: December 4, 2013