TIAA-CREF Retirement Benefits

Retirement contributions provided by UNI are an important
part of your future financial well being. It’s important to
understand the benefits of your current retirement plan and the
benefits you will receive in retirement. Use this page to find out more information about TIAA-CREF.
UNI Retirement Benefits

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Quick Tips
If an employee does not choose a retirement plan, he or she will default to IPERS.

Serious consideration must be given when choosing a retirement plan because you cannot switch to a different plan.

On the first $4,800, you contribute 3.33% of the salary and the University contributes 6.66%; above $4,800, you contribute 5% and the University contributes 10%.

After five years of service at the University, you contribute 5% of your salary and the University contributes 10%.

With TIAA-CREF you are immediately vested, both employee and University contributions.

If you are still employed by the University you are not allowed to make early withdrawals from your TIAA-CREF for any reason.

Description of TIAA-CREF

You are eligible to participate in the TIAA-CREF Defined Contribution Plan if you hold a non-temporary appointment of half-time or greater, and earn an annual salary of $7,800 or more at the University. Federal and State income staxes on contributions are deferred until the benefits are received.

Contribution Rates

Contributions will be made as follows:

  Your Share UNI's Share Total
Less than five (5) years of service
First $4,800 of earnings in a fiscal year 3.33% 6.66% 10.00%
Above $4,800 of earning in a fiscal year 5.00% 10.00% 15.00%
After five (5) years of service
Contributions 5.00% 10.00% 15.00%

The 2014 annual compensation limits that TIAA CREF GRA (group retirement annuity) contributions will be calculated on is $260,000.


With TIAA-CREF you are immediately vested. Both the employee and the University contributions are fully and immediately vested. This means that you own all contributions to your account, even if you leave the University before retirement.

Terminating Before Retirement (Under Age 55)

You own all contributions to your account. You can leave your money with TIAA-CREF as long as you would like. You can receive withdrawals from your account or roll it into an IRA. If you withdraw funds before age 59½ , they may be subject to an additional 10% early withdrawal penalty.

Retirement (Over age 55)

If you retire after reaching age 55, the 10% tax penalty will not apply. There are numerous withdrawal options including annuities. For more details, visit

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Date Updated: June 25, 2014