HRS Staff Duties and Responsibilities

027 Gilchrist
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613-0034
Phone: 319-273-2422
Fax: 319-273-2927
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ADA Accommodations Therese Callaghan
Address Home (Faculty/Staff) Self Service Change Form
Address Campus (Faculty/Staff) Self Service Change Form
AFSCME Contract Interpretation Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush, Scott Klahsen
AFSCME Contract Negotiations Michelle Byers
AFSCME Employee Relations Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush, Scott Klahsen
AFSCME Grievance Reports Sandy Law
AFSCME Union Dues Paid Report A. Jay Behnke
Arbitration Michelle Byers
B Contact
Background Check Processing - Merit Chris Rohwedder
Background Check Processing - P&S and Faculty Joan Johannes
Benefit Forms Jesse Lahmann
Benefits Administrator Calendar Scheduling Cindy Webb, Sandy Law
Browser Based Surveys Beth Kuehl
C Contact
Campus Phonebook (Faculty/Staff portion) Self Service Change Form
Catastrophic Leave Therese Callaghan, Jesse Lahmann
Classification Administration (Merit) Scott Klahsen
Classification Administration (P&S) Megan Anderson
COBRA Cindy Webb
Common Law Marriage Cindy Webb
D Contact
Degree Verification Joan Johannes
Dental Insurance Cindy Webb, Jesse Lahmann
Disability Services-Faculty & Staff Therese Callaghan
Disciplinary Issues Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush
Domestic Partner Benefits Cindy Webb
E Contact
e-Business Suite Advanced Benefits Module Team Lead Cindy Webb
e-Business Suite Human Resources System Beth Kuehl
Employee & Labor Relations Issues Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush
Employee Recognition HRS-Training
Employee Training Hours Tracking HRS-Training
Employee Wellness Therese Callaghan
Employment Application Process (Merit) Chris Rohwedder
Employment Application Process (P&S) Joan Johannes
Employment Payroll Paperwork Tresa Habinck, Sandy Law
Employment Posters for campus bulletin boards Tresa Habinck
Employment Verifications Tresa Habinck, Sandy Law
Emergency Contact Information Self Service Change Form
F Contact
Faculty Benefits Orientation Cindy Webb
Flexible Spending Account Cindy Webb, Jesse Lahmann
FMLA Therese Callaghan, Jesse Lahmann
G Contact
Grievances Michelle Byers
H Contact
Health Insurance Cindy Webb, Jesse Lahmann
HRS Departmental Budget Sandy Law
HRS Director Scheduling Sandy Law
HRS Office Calendar Sandy Law
HRS Receptionist Tresa Habinck
HRS Receptionist back-up Sandy Law
HRS Web Page Modification A. Jay Behnke, Beth Kuehl
I Contact
Imaging Beth Kuehl, Judy Kester, Carissa Yauslin
Immigration-Faculty Nancy Lippens
Immigration-P&S Lisa Frush
IPERS Cindy Webb
J Contact
Jobs@UNI Support
K Contact
L Contact
Labor Management Committee Michelle Byers
Labor Management Committee Meeting Schedules and Minutes Sandy Law
Layoff-Staff Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush
Leaves Therese Callaghan
Life Insurance/AD&D Cindy Webb, Jesse Lahmann
Locations in Oracle Carol Brodie
Long Term Care Insurance Cindy Webb
Long Term Disability Insurance Therese Callaghan
M Contact
Mail Center Changes Report Carol Brodie
Merit Applicant Tracking System Coordination Chris Rohwedder
Merit Coaching for Managers and Employees Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush
Merit Correspondence Chris Rohwedder
Merit Employment Ads Chris Rohwedder
Merit Employment Procedures Scott Klahsen
Merit Interview Process Scott Klahsen, Chris Rohwedder
Merit Job Descriptions Chris Rohwedder
Merit New Employee Orientation Chris Rohwedder
Merit Pay Matrix Chris Rohwedder
Merit Performance Appraisal Due Dates Chris Rohwedder
Merit Performance Appraisal Process Scott Klahsen
Merit Personnel Action Forms Chris Rohwedder
Merit Request to Fill (for new and vacant positions) Scott Klahsen
Merit Step Delay Recordkeeping Chris Rohwedder
Merit System Rules Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush, Scott Klahsen
Merit Temporary Employment Chris Rohwedder
Military Leaves Therese Callaghan
MyQuickCoach Beth Kuehl, Michelle Byers
N Contact
New Employee Hire Information Tresa Habinck, Sandy Law
New Hire Paperwork Tresa Habinck, Sandy Law
Notary Public Sandy Law
O Contact
Open Enrollment Benefits Cindy Webb, Jesse Lahmann
P Contact
PAF Support
PAF’s for Merit Employees Chris Rohwedder
PAF’s for P&S Employees Joan Johannes
Payroll Information (PAF processing in Oracle) Carol Brodie, Beth Kuehl
P&S Classification Administration Megan Anderson
P&S Coaching for Managers and Employees Lisa Frush, Megan Anderson
P&S Compensation Administration Megan Anderson
P&S Council Liaison Megan Anderson
P&S Council Meeting Minutes Sandy Law
P&S Employee Relations Megan Anderson, Lisa Frush
P&S Job Descriptions Joan Johannes
P&S New Employee Orientation Joan Johannes
P&S Recruitment Megan Anderson
P&S Searches Megan Anderson
P&S Temporary Employment Joan Johannes
Performance Management Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush
Personnel Files Beth Kuehl, Judy Kester, Carissa Yauslin
Phased Retirement Cindy Webb
Policy Interpretations Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush
Professional Development Plan Assistance HRS-Training
Panther First Award Certificates Tresa Habinck
Q Contact
R Contact
Report Request Beth KuehlA. Jay Behnke
Retirement Cindy Webb
S Contact
S&C Employee Relations Michelle Byers
S&C Grievance Reports Sandy Law
Salary Reduction Agreements Cindy Webb, Jesse Lahmann
Staff Portal Announcements Beth Kuehl
Staff Reductions Michelle Byers, Lisa Frush
Staff Tuition Reimbursement Program Administration A. Jay Behnke, Beth Kuehl
Summer Budget Information Processing Carol Brodie
Summer and Fall Hours Information Sandy Law
Supervisor Changes Carol Brodie, Beth Kuehl
Surveys (Web-based) Beth Kuehl
T Contact
Telephone Directory Self Service Change Form
Telework Policy Lisa Frush
Temporary Employee Recordkeeping (Merit) Chris Rohwedder
TIAA-CREF Cindy Webb
Timecard Approver Changes Carol Brodie, Beth Kuehl
Training Programs (customized design and delivery) HRS-Training
Tuition Reimbursement A. Jay Behnke, Beth Kuehl
U Contact
Unemployment Lisa Frush
United Faculty Contract Negotiations Michelle Byers
University Holidays' Information Sandy Law
V Contact
Vision Insurance Cindy Webb, Jesse Lahmann
W Contact
Wellness (Employee) Therese Callaghan
Worker's Compensation Therese Callaghan
X Contact
Y Contact
Years of Service Carol Brodie, Beth Kuehl
Z Contact



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