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For hourly and hourly paid salary positions the preparer needs to indicate the number of hours the employee will be scheduled to work in a week. This field is based on a 40 hour week.

Notice NOTICE: Preparers will need to indicate the hours per week for all Graduate Assistant positions. These positions cannot exceed 20 hours per week. This change was implemented to increase accuracy and consistency across campus.

Special Note Special Note: This system will not allow you to exceed 40 hours. In addition, the PAF system is based on positions established by HRS and Provost. Approved positions are entered in e-Business Suite with following fields already completed:

  • Position Title
  • Organization
  • Job Title
  • Job Code
  • Maximum Hours/Percent of Time
  • Pay Grade
  • Salary Basis (i.e., Salary, Hourly Paid Salary, Hourly)
  • Bargaining Unit
  • Defaulted Supervisor

If you have any questions about a Merit or P&S position please contact If you have any questions about a academic position please contact

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Date Updated:September 29, 2011