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About the PAF Workflow
The PAF workflow was designed to meet 86% of all position approvals on campus. The system was programmed to use the e-Business Suite Organization Manager(s) and Contact settings. To see a listing, please view the Faculty, Staff and Graduate Assistants by Office web page--"managers" will appear in bold. Special Note: This information is real-time.

In addition, preparers can also customize different steps in the workflow to meet individual and departmental needs.


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Customizing Workflow Approvals

Preparers can modify the following workflow steps:

  1. Based on the Labor Distribution of the PAF (LD tab), preparers will need to add at least one (1) Principal Investigator if grant funded (please see Workflow Tips: Employees Cannot Approve Their Own PAF).
  2. PAF LD Organization Manager(s) can be changed.
  3. PAF Assignment Organization Manager can be changed.
  4. Director(s)/Department Head(s) (2nd Level) can be changed.
  5. Dean Assistant can be changed.
  6. Up to three (3) additional approvers can be added to each PAF.


Customizing Notifications

If after reviewing the notifications the preparer determines additional employees need to receive a completed notification, they can add three (3) more individuals to the list.


Resetting the Workflow
When the PAF is in "Working" status the system will automatically reset the workflow when the following occurs:

  1. The supervisor is changed on the PAF.
  2. The Labor Distribution is modified on the LD tab.

When in "Working" status, the preparer can also reset the workflow to the default settings by completing these steps:

  1. Open the PAF and click once on the Workflow tab.
  2. Click once on the Reset Workflow button.
  3. A warning message will appear confirming you would like to proceed in resetting the workflow. Special Note: This will remove any customization previously set in the workflow and notifications. Click once on the OK button.
  4. The Resetting Workflow status box will appear. Once the workflow is reset, the Workflow tab will display a '- Workflow has successfully been reset.' message.
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Tracking the Workflow

Preparers are responsible for monitoring their PAF through the approval process. If the preparer observes that a PAF is not moving through the approval process in a timely manner, the PAF preparer should contact the person or department.

To monitor approvals, search the PAF system for the desired PAF and then click on the Open button.

  1. To view the approvers list and current step in the workflow, click on the Workflow tab. | More Info |
  2. To view the approver comments and/or rejection reasons, click on the History Tab. | More Info |
    Rejection Approvals: If a PAF is rejected, the PAF will be moved to WORKING status and once re-submitted, the PAF will require all the approvals again. Although this process is time-consuming, the PAF is required to have all approvals of the changed data fields and provide an opportunity/method for approvers to reject the changes if necessary.

Viewing PAF Options

  1. Anyone with the PAF Transaction (MW04) is able to view all submitted PAFs associated with their ogranization(s). In addition, preparers may create a PAF for any employee.
  2. All employees can view their own PAFs, or PAFs they have approved, by accessing MyUNIverse. MyUNIverse -> Work @ UNI tab -> My Work Records pagelet (section) -> click once on the "View My Personnel Action Forms (PAF)" link.

Detailed Workflow Specifications
Last Updated: June 2014

Workflow Tips

PAF Workflow: The PAF system takes advantage of the e-Business Suite workflow programming. Therefore, approvers will access e-Business Suite to approve/reject, rather than the PAF system.

Workflow Notifications:
Notifications will be viewable via e-Business Suite. These notifications are updated in real-time. View the Approving PAFs instructional guide for more information.

Notification Emails: The workflow notification mailer runs seven (7) times a week:

  • Monday-Friday at 7:30 AM
  • Tuesday & Wednesday at 12:30 PM

The email message contains a listing of every open notification including a subject.

APPROVAL Notification Timeouts:
By design, the PAF system will not timeout if action is not taken. The approver will receive a notification reminder every three (3) days. Therefore, it is suggested to take advantage of e-Business Suite "Delegates," "Vacation Rules"   or "Worklist Access." View the Approving PAFs instructional guide for more information.

SUBMITTED and COMPLETED Notification Timeouts:
After five (5) days these notifications will delete from the e-Business Suite system.

Employees Cannot Approve Their Own PAF:
At the request of the Internal Auditors and administrators, an employee cannot approve their own PAF. This was implemented to ensure segregation of duties and separation of power (i.e., checks-and-balances). If Grant funded and the PAF is for the Principal Investigator (PI), please select the PI's supervisor.

Dean Approval: If a college labor distribution is being used, a dean will approve at the Dean level -- the LD Org level will be skipped. Typically, a dean will approve at the Dean level, unless the PAF requires them to be the substitute for a department head (i.e., the department head cannot approve their own PAF).

Background Check:
If a background check is required, this information will be entered after the PAF is submitted. If after this step the PAF is rejected, the background check approval will be skipped the second time.

More Information Requested: If an Approver uses the "Request Information" button on an e-Biz Notification, the workflow moves from the approver/requester to the individual who is being asked to provide the additional information (i.e., typically the PAF Preparer). Once this happens, the PAF is now waiting on the new individual and that individual must view the notification, add information into a text field and click the Submit button that appears at the bottom of the notification. View the "e-Biz Notification Actions for "More Information Requested" one page instructional guide for more information.


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Date Updated:June 24, 2014