PAF System Help

PAF System Help

PAF System Help: Workflow Rejection Reasons


Viewing the Workflow Rejection Reason


  1. Open the PAF and click once on the History tab (A).
  2. Locate the REJECTED row (C). If there are more than 25 rows and the REJECTED row is not visible, click once on the "Next" link (B).
  3. The rejection reason(s) will be located in the Comment row (D). In addition, the rejection reason is also viewable in the Print Preview (E).

    Special NoteSpecial Note 1: The rejection reason will only appear if the person provided a reason. In most cases, this is a required field.

    Special NoteSpecial Note 2: The preparer will receive a e-Business Suite Notification that a PAF has been rejected. To view the notification, log into e-Business Suite. The preparer will also receive a e-Business Suite Notification Email the next morning. To learn more about notifications visit the Workflow help page.

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Date Updated:September 29, 2011