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Tips for Increasing the Text Size in Your Web Browser
Posted: July 26, 2013

To increase the size of all items, text and images, on a web page:

  • Windows System: Hold the 'Ctrl' key and press the '+' key to zoom in and press '-' to zoom out.
  • Macintosh® System: Hold the '' key and press the '+' key to zoom in and press '-' to zoom out.
  • If you have a mouse with a wheel, hold the 'Ctrl' key on the keyboard and then scroll the wheel up to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out.

Understanding the People Icons for Employee Benefits
Posted: July 26, 2013

People icons are used in benefits handouts and web pages to indicate which employee group is eligible for the benefit. Knowing the different people icons is a way to help you quickly identify that you are viewing the correct benefits materials for your employee group.
All Employee Groups People Icon
Benefits for All Employee Groups
Faculty People Icon
Faculty Benefits

Merit People Icon
Merit Benefits

P&S People Icon
P&S Benefits

If you need assistance or have questions on your benefits, please email your inquiry to and member of the Benefits team will respond. If you do not have email access, please call 319-273-2422 for assistance.

Tips for Best Viewing Experience for Human Resource Services (HRS)
Portable Document Format (PDF) Forms

Posted: July 25, 2013

If you are experiencing any issues viewing an HRS PDF form, please read the problems and solutions below.

The first page of the HRS form is blank when I open the form in Firefox.

Firefox LogoBackground Information
Newer versions of the Firefox web browser have a new default setting to view PDF files using the Firefox built-in PDF Viewer as shown below. At this time, this built-in PDF viewer does not handle multi-layered PDF files such as the ones created by Human Resource Services.

Warning Message
This PDF document might not be displayed correctly.

Firefox Browser Visual Example
Firefox Browser Example

Mozilla Firefox® Support: How to disable the built-in PDF viewer and use another viewer

Please contact your centralized IT support for additional assistance in changing your Firefox default PDF viewer.

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Macintosh® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
Mozilla Firefox® is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.

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Date Updated:July 26, 2013