P&S Search Process

The P&S search process was developed to guide departments
through the stages of a competitive search. The process
identifies the various requirements, procedures, and forms necessary
to fill a P&S vacancy.
P&S Search Process

Search Process

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Forms and Resources
Search Process Flowchart (PDF)
Compliance and Equity Management Hiring Toolkit
UNI Employment
HRS Supervisor Resources
Successfully Interviewing Job Applicants

Contact Information for P&S Employment

Megan Anderson
P&S Employment Coordinator


The P&S Search Process is a collaborative effort designed to identify and match highly qualified professionals with an advertised vacancy. Led by a search committee, candidate evaluation and selection is guided by the P&S Employment Coordinator and the Office of Compliance and Equity Management.

UNI P&S Search Process
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Date Updated: May 29, 2014