Performance Appraisal Training

Training is intended to enhance an employee’s existing abilities, increase satisfaction, and provide support for career development.

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HRS Learning and Development

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Preparing for a Performance Appraisal

Supervisor's Guide for Conducting Performance Appraisals (PDF)

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Performance Improvement Plan
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Merit Appraisal Contact Information
Scott Klahsen

Merit Employment Coordinator
(319) 273-6110


P&S Appraisal Contact Information
Megan Combs

P&S Employment Coordinator

About Performance Appraisal Training

It is expected that Merit and P&S employees receive a formal review of their performance annually. There is annual training offered, along with several documents to assist employees and supervisors in this process. The actual review is a dedicated opportunity to comment on an employee's performance; however, it should be a continual process. The training offered will help supervisors see the benefits of offering feedback and conducting performance appraisals. They will also develop ways to reduce the negativity often associated with the appraisal process. Expanding the understanding of the goal setting process, documenting performance using a critical incident form, and also focus on preparing, conducting and following-up to a performance appraisal are all covered topics.

Performance Appraisal: Pieces

Employee Resources
Preparing for Your Performance Appraisal

Merit Forms

P&S Forms

Supervisor Resources

Preparing for a Performance Appraisal

Online Training

Guide for Conducting Performance Appraisals (PDF)

Performance Improvement Plan (Word - Macros Enabled)

Performance Management Process Cycle

Remember: The Actual Performance Evaluation is Just ONE Part of the Ongoing Cycle

Performance Management Process Cycle

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Date Updated:November 27, 2013