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Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Council

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IAAC Voting Membership

Voting Representation Name Title/Organization E-mail Term
Administrative Joel Haack Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences haack@cns.uni.edu June '09-May '12
College of Education Tim Gilson Asst Professor, Educ Leadership & Postsecondary Educ tim.gilson@uni.edu June '10-May '13
College of Business Administration Rex Karsten Assoc Professor, Management rex.karsten@uni.edu June '11-May '14
College of Humanities & Arts & Sciences Russ Campbell Assoc Professor, Mathematics russell.campbell@uni.edu June '11-May '14
College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences Ronnie Bankston Assoc Professor, Communication Studies ronnie.bankston@uni.edu June '10-May '13
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Kay Weller Assoc Professor, Geography kay.weller@uni.edu June '11-May '14
Faculty Senate Forrest Dolgener Professor, Health, Physical Educ & Leisure Services forrest.dolgener@uni.edu June '11-June '13
Non-Voting Faculty Mark Jacobson Instructor, Computer Science jacobson@cs.uni.edu June '10-May '13
Professional & Scientific Lisa Krausman Administrative Dietician/Purchasing Mgr, Residence Administration lisa.krausman@uni.edu June '12-May '15
Student Dakotah Reed Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) dakotah@uni.edu June'12-May '13
Student Jacqui Kalin SAAC kalinj@uni.edu June '12-May '13

IAAC Non-Voting Membership

Non-Voting Representation Name Title/Organization E-mail Term
Non-Voting Faculty Lisa Jepsen Faculty Athletics Representative lisa.jepsen@uni.edu July '11-June '16
Non-Voting Community Don Hoth      June '12-May '15
Non-Voting University Relations Jess Betts Assistant Marketing Specialist jess.betts@uni.edu  
Non-Voting Ex-officio Troy Dannen Athletic Director troy.dannen@uni.edu  
Jean Berger Sr. Associate Athletic Director jean.berger@uni.edu  
Ashley Shells Asst Athletic Director for Compliance ashley.shells@uni.edu  
Stacia Greve Athletics Academic Advisor stacia.greve@uni.edu  
Kara Park Athletics Academic Advisor kara.park@uni.edu  
Diane Wallace Registrar's Office diane.wallace@uni.edu  

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