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Major Areas to Review in Pro-Card Processing

Note: All images shown are pieces of the full sized spreadsheet diagram.
Click here to view the full sized PDF diagram.


1. Journal Name
  • First five numbers – org code
  • Three or four letters – initials of the preparer
  • Date spreadsheet was done – mmddyy
  • Last name and initial of first name of cardholder
2. Journal Description
  • Last name, first name of card holder
  • Month & year bill will be paid in – July 2004
Click here for a completed example in PDF format.


3. First line with account code of 0204.00.00000.12716.0000.00.0000.000 – must remain. DO NOT REMOVE. Begin entering your data on the first blank line.

4. If using staff travel object codes (61000 to 61999)

  • Value A – choose from drop down menu "Employee travel expense"
  • Value B – enter employee number

5. If any fund value = 9404 or 9405(Foundation) select "UNI Foundation/Alumni expense" for Value A and 6 digit foundation account number for Value B. Please send hard copy to Ann Dolphin at 0239 in the Foundation and she will OK and then forward to Accounts Payable.

6. All charged amounts must be entered in the Debit column. Credits also belong in the Debit column as a negative amount (-100.00).

7. Description field for each line – start with Vendor's name and then a brief description of item or items charged.

General Rules

Please do not reformat any cells/fields of this form. Making changes will prevent the uploading of your form. Examples: lines between transactions, changing font, changing formula of any cell.

Please remove all old data from form if you have saved from previous month.


  • One person's pro-card attachment per e-mail
  • Place cardholder's name in subject line.