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Sales Tax Exemption

The University of Northern Iowa (UNI), as a state educational institution, is exempt from paying state sales tax or local option sales tax on goods or services purchased in the state of Iowa. Payment of hotel/motel taxes is still required. The states listed below also grant tax exempt status to the university for goods or services purchased while in their state. As indicated below, a form or copy of a letter is usually required.

UNI's Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

For additional information contact Purchasing Services at (319) 273-2162 or


Alaska No sales tax.
Colorado Need Iowa form showing vendor name.
Delaware No sales tax.
District of Columbia Need a copy of Letter of Exemption to vendor.
Florida Need a copy of Consumer's Certificate of Exemption.
Hawaii No sales tax.
Idaho Need Iowa form showing vendor name.
Illinois Need Iowa form showing vendor name.
Indiana Need Iowa form showing vendor name.
Kansas Need completed copy of School or Educational Institution Exemption Certificate.
Kentucky Need completed copy of Kentucky Revenue Cabinet.
Maine Need completed copy of Permanent Exemption Certificate.
Massachusetts Need completed copy of Exemption Certificate to vendor.
Michigan Need copy of Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption.
Minnesota Need a copy of Tax Exempt letter from Department of Revenue to vendor.  The following items are taxable: food, drinks, rental cars and sleeping rooms.
Missouri Need copy of Exemption from Missouri Sales and Use Tax on Purchases.
Montana No sales tax.
New Mexico No sales tax.
North Dakota Need copy of Certificate of Exempt Status-Exempt Organization at time of purchase.
Ohio Need copy of tax exempt letter from Department of Taxation and Sales and Use Tax Unit Exemption Certificate.
Oklahoma Need copy of Tax Exempt letter from the Oklahoma Tax Commission to vendor.
Oregon No sales tax.
Rhode Island Need a copy of Certificate of Exemption to vendor.
South Dakota No sales tax.
Texas Need a copy of Tax Exempt letter from Comptroller of Public Accounts and Documentation to vendor.
Wisconsin Need a copy of Certificate of Exempt Status to vendor.