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Credit Cards

Departments at the University of Northern Iowa have the opportunity to accept payment cards (credit cards) as a form of payment. Credit card accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Prior to the purchase and implementation of any equipment or software, all credit card processing at the University should be reported to the Office of Business Operations.

How to Accept Credit Cards for Payment

Becoming a merchant
In order to accept credit cards in return for goods/services, departments (merchants) must complete a Payment Card Merchant Agreement and Application to Process Credit Card Payments and return both documents to the Office of Business Operations.

  • Upon approval, Business Operations will establish a new merchant account with an authorized merchant credit card provider.
  • It will take approximately two weeks for merchant numbers to be established and to obtain the equipment.
  • A training session for your department will be scheduled.
  • If at any time you have a question or concern about accepting credit cards, please contact 319-273-2628 or for assistance.

Equipment and supplies

New merchants will purchase their own equipment and supplies. Equipment and supplies will vary based on processing needs. The Office of Business Operations has two wireless terminals available for check out for small events. If interested, please complete the Wireless Terminal Check-Out Request form.

Credit card deposits
The daily net sales electronically settle into the appropriate University bank account designated by the Office of Business Operations. OBO will deposit the settled credit card amount into an account provided by your department, per the Application to Process Credit Card Payments, when the money is credited to the bank. It is the responsibility of the department to reconcile their credit card settlement amounts to the Statement of Account each month.


Each credit card transaction is subject to assessment, discount, and per item fees charged by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. These fees will be charged to your department monthly by Journal Entry (JE). Equipment and supply costs will be handled in the same manner.


Departments assume responsibility and liability for maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance.

See Credit Card Security information.