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PAF Guidelines and Cutoff Dates

  1. PAFs should always be completed and submitted prior to the Effective Date. They should generally be submitted as soon as the information is obtained, not necessarily waiting until the month of the effective date.
  2. For instructions on completing PAFs, view the appropriate PAF instructions at
  3. If the PAF is for a new employee, communicate with the employee to ensure all new hire paperwork is completed on or before the effective date. If new hire paperwork is not completed within three days of the effective date, by Federal regulation, steps will be taken to terminate this appointment. In addition, until all new hire paperwork is completed, the employee will not be added to MEMFIS; therefore they will not have access to timecards, nor will they receive payments. You can play a critical role by ensuring new employees are in the system promptly and are following Federal regulations. For more information, please visit and click on "New Hire Requirements".
  4. PAFs received before or on the cutoff dates WILL BE processed for the respective payroll month. We cannot guarantee those PAFs received after the cutoff dates will be processed by the payroll deadlines.

2015/2016 Payroll Cutoff Dates for PAF Processing (Printable PDF)

Month Latest "Suggested" PAF
Submit Date
PAF Approved and
Received in HRIS
by 5 pm
Included in Pay Day
November 2015 2-Nov-15 17-Nov-15 30-Nov-15
December 2015 1-Dec-15 16-Dec-15 31-Dec-15
January 2016 23-Dec-15 15-Jan-16 29-Jan-16
February 2016 2-Feb-16 17-Feb-16 29-Feb-16
March 2016 8-Mar-16 22-Mar-16 31-Mar-16
April 2016 5-Apr-16 19-Apr-16 29-Apr-16
May 2016 3-May-16 17-May-16 31-May-16
June 2016 6-Jun-16 20-Jun-16 30-Jun-16
July 2016 5-Jul-16 19-Jul-16 29-Jul-16
August 2016 1-Aug-16 17-Aug-16 31-Aug-16
September 2016 6-Sep-16 20-Sep-16 30-Sep-16
October 2016 5-Oct-16 19-Oct-16 31-Oct-16
November 2016 2-Nov-16 16-Nov-16 30-Nov-16
December 2016 1-Dec-16 15-Dec-16 30-Dec-16
January 2017 22-Dec-16 17-Jan-17 31-Jan-17