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The Payroll area of Business Operations processes the payroll for the faculty, staff, and student employees, manages withholdings, and accounts for staff vacation and sick leave.


Compensatory Time Payouts:

AFSCME Merit (all but Security) Announcement
AFSCME Merit (Security) Announcement
Supervisory and Confidential Announcement
Announcement to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

Explanation of Parking Deductions:

Parking Permit PT – represents 1/12 of the cost of parking for the year, i.e. if an “A” permit was purchased this would be $10 monthly.

Parking Permit Adj – includes pre-tax deductions that have been accumulated in arrears, this would include 9- and 10-month pay people purchasing an annual permit; or permits that were purchased for a month’s parking after the deduction file was submitted to payroll.

Parking Permit – deduction for parking permit on an after tax basis, includes payments for postage to have parking permit mailed.