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Procurement Card Program Enhancements

The Office of Business Operations is pleased to announce enhancements to the University Procurement Card program:

  1. Cardholder on-line access is available through U.S. Bank AccessOnline allowing the cardholder to view card limits, statements, and new transactions.

    U.S. Bank AccessOnline is a new web-based program management tool that provides cardholders with quick access to their complete account information, enabling cardholders to view their account activity and billing statements online. In addition to making individual account management easier, AccessOnline provides other benefits to the University by aggregating our purchase information into one comprehensive database enabling us to better manage purchasing activities and identify potential cost savings. To utilize AccessOnline you must first complete the on-line training (see #2 below) and be issued a new procurement card.

  2. A new on-line training course is available through UNI eLearning.

    We have developed an on-line training course utilizing UNI eLearning. This course must be completed by all cardholders and pro-card reconciliation preparers no later than October 25, 2012, and annually thereafter. We chose an on-line course because we believe it will be more convenient and efficient than classroom training. You may take the course at your convenience, from home, office, or even while on the road. The course is necessary to help ensure cardholders and reconcilers understand and follow program guidelines and provide the necessary documentation required for all purchases. Keep in mind, by issuing a pro-card, we are delegating significant purchasing authority and it is essential that everyone involved in the program understand their responsibility. This training is also an internal audit recommendation.

    To access the course, log in to UNI eLearning using your CATID username and password and select UNI Procurement Card Training under "My Courses." After you successfully completed the course, you will be notified when you can pick up your new procurement card and given instructions for AccessOnline registration. Please complete this training now, but no later than October 25, 2012. After October 25, 2012 all "old" procurement cards will no longer be active.

  3. Cardholders can now initiate temporary card limit increases and make selected other changes using an on-line Pro-Card Change Form.

    To request a temporary limit change, make an address change, or cancel a Pro-Card the online Pro-Card Change Form must now be completed. The request will be routed for approval to the email addresses provided, and then to the Office of Business Operations for processing.

Please contact Molly Rickert ( at 3-6448 with questions.