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Year End Requisition Clean Up

In preparation for “closing the books” for the fiscal year departments should monitor their accounts to ensure the accounting entries are accurate. In conjunction with this, review and act on requisitions that are in a selected status, and receive purchases in Oracle by the date listed in the year-end closing schedule.

Why should selected Requisitions be reviewed?

Requisitions in the status of Incomplete, Rejected, Returned or Pre-approved should be reviewed. Changing the status to remove a requisition encumbrance allows departments to “spend” all of their funds. Completing unfinished requisitions will help facilitate the arrival of goods before the year-end due date.

How can I find these requisitions?

Find Incomplete, Rejected, Returned, and Pre-approved status via:

  • Notification Summary
    • Review “All Notifications”
  • Requisition Summary
    • Search for requisition using “preparer” and “status” fields

What should I do with incomplete, rejected, returned or pre-approved requisitions?

Incomplete status

  • Complete and Submit for approval if you want goods
  • Delete if goods no longer needed (refer to Deleting and Canceling Requisitions Quick Reference Guide)

Rejected status

  • Resolve and resubmit for approval if you want goods
  • Cancel if goods no longer needed (refer to Deleting and Canceling Requisitions Quick Reference Guide)
Returned status (from Purchasing)
  • Cancel lines or cancel requisition it you don’t want goods (if no PO assigned)
  • Resubmit for approval if you want goods

Pre-Approved status

  • Re-reserve funds and submit for approval

How do I determine if I have “received” all my purchase orders?

  • Run PO Expected Receipts Reports in Oracle
  • Navigate to Run Reports
  • Select UNI PO Expected Receipts Report > click OK
  • Enter Location > click OK > Submit
  • Report will show what was ordered, what has been received and remaining items to be received

Can I start creating Requisitions for the next fiscal year?

Yes, but DO NOT enter distributions or submit for approval until July 1 or later

  • Complete the lines
  • Complete the Supplier and Site
  • On or after July 1 st
    • Complete the Distributions form
    • First click in the GL Date field and CHANGE to current date
    • Click in the Charge Account field and update account charged
    • Submit for approval
For Assistance: call e-Business-Help 3-5555, option 2 or email