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It Pays to Buy at Campus Supply

UNI Campus Supply is more than just a supplier of office paper, cleaning supplies and miscellaneous office supplies; they provide low prices and free delivery to save you time and money. Campus Supply can meet all your needs with both price matching and front door delivery.

Lowest Prices and Free Delivery

Campus Supply has a contract with Office Max to keep prices at a minimum. All office items can be found in the Office Max catalog, at Office Max has "special pricing" for UNI orders. Orders are delivered to your door generally within 24 hours of order placement. To order from Office Max, campus users must have a UNI procurement card and also an account with Office Max. Contact Janet Holt at or call 273-2451 to set-up an Office Max account. A guide for using Office Max is found by clicking here.


Campus Supply recycles old printer ink cartridges. To recycle, send printer cartridge to mail code 0193 and mark the cartridge "recycle". Rechargeable batteries under 2 lbs are also recycled (send to mail code 0193 as well). This recycling system saves UNI money.


There are no refunds or exchanges on items after 30 days.
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Contact Information

Business Hours

7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Office Supplies:

Pam Rousselow

Custodial Supplies, Paper, Lamps:

Cathy McRoberts

Plant Services, Special Needs:

Steve Cutsforth