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Keys & Locks

Keys are distributed on campus according to the terms listed below. The term key or keys refers to mechanical keys and electronic keys. All keys remain the property of the University. Reproduction of a university key is forbidden.

Building Hours

For building hours and access information please see the University Building Access Procedures and Guidelines

To request a change in your building's hours for special events please fill out the Building Hour Change Form.

Access/Key Requests

Access/Key request for individual faculty, staff, and students must be done on an Access/ Key Request Form and approved by a department head or appointed authorized contact.

Request for replacement keys to individuals, require the approval of the dean, director or vice president. Certain special orders will require the consideration of Physical Plant Director and the approval of the Vice President for Administration and Finance before being accepted.

Undergraduate/Graduate student and student employee key & access requests are granted for up to a year, and due back on May 15th, or upon the student's graduation, whichever occurs first.

All key & access requests require adequate justification, which will be explained on the key request form. Students may not request their own keys, and requests must be approved by the designated departmental staff member.

Additionally, the key holder is responsible for any fines associated with keys checked out to them. Fines are not to be paid by the department or with university funds. The key holder may have the fine charged to their U-Bill, payroll deducted, or pay with check or cash.

There is no key deposit. All access/key requests must be forwarded to the Physical Plant Facilities Access Office (0189) 48 hours prior to the desired issue date.

Departments that have special access or key control requirements may need to establish internal procedures to meet those requirements (e.g. Public Safety, Physical Plant, Health Center Pharmacy, ITS, etc.). The Physical Plant has the authority to review any special needs before proceeding, or to refuse the issue of access or a key if guidelines are not met.

Key exchanges and reproduction of keys are not permitted.

Affiliates of the University or contractors need to be set-up in our systems prior to getting a UNI ID card. Please complete an Affilliate/Contractor Form and send to, along with the contact person that will be requesting access/keys.

Cabinet Key Requests

Cabinet key requests are placed through a FAMIS Service Request.

In your request include the department name, deliver to address and name of the person making the request. Enter the quantity of keys and a description of the key or cabinet along with the account number that should be charged for the key material and labor.

Cabinet keys are not assigned to individual employees. They are assigned to the department.

Key Pickup

The key requestor will be contacted when the key is ready. Keys may be picked up at the center east entrance to the Physical Plant. The issuant will be required to sign a Key Agreement stating they will be responsible for their key(s).

Electronic access is provided through the University's ID card. The requester will be notified when access has been granted to them via their UNI email.

Lock Change Requests

Lock change requests are placed through a FAMIS Service Request. Requests for lock changes are reviewed and discussed with the requesting party, building coordinator and department head before the change is made. Key request forms for the individuals affected should be sent to mail code 0189.

A thorough review of the area affected by the lock change is completed before the change is made to avoid compromising anyone who may need access to the area. In certain cases of security, a special series lock can be installed. These requests are limited and must have the approval of the Vice President of Administration and Finance before proceeding.

All lock change requests are subject to refusal when the change impacts access by maintenance personnel or campus police.

Returning Keys

Individuals leaving the university, or transferring to another department, must return keys to the Physical Plant. The individual will receive a receipt indicating the keys that have been returned and the Physical Plant Facilities Access office will notify the department when keys are issued or returned. The Public Safety Department will be notified if individuals who are leaving have not returned their keys. When keys are not returned, a charge will be billed to the department listed on the Key Request form. If a student does not return keys, transcripts or registration will be held until the keys are returned.

Lost Keys

The Public Safety Department, Physical Plant Facilities Access Office, and the appropriate Building Coordinator and department head should be notified immediately when an employee has lost his/her keys. A charge will be assessed for EACH lost key prior to the issuance of a new key. The replacement process is the same as outlined in "How to Request Keys", but requires the signature of the dean, director, or vice president. Replacement charges will be assessed for each lost key and must be paid before a replacement key will be issued. The key holder is responsible for any fines associated with keys checked out to them. Fines are not to be paid by the department or with university funds. The key holder may have the fine charged to their U-Bill, payroll deducted, or pay with check or cash. Additional charges could be imposed if re-keying or reprogramming is required. The Building Coordinator and department head will be responsible for assisting with return/collection or payment of the fine.

Non-Responsive Electronic Keys

Non-responsive electronic keys will be replaced at no charge. Notify the Physical Plant Facilities Access Office to arrange for an electronic key exchange.

Appointed Authorized Contact

Use this form to appoint a person in your department to authorize building access. The appointee can be responsible for requesting and removing card access, making building schedule change requests and reporting system problems. Download the form here.

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