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Motor Pool

The Motor Pool leases and rents sedans, station wagons, vans and trucks to departments and individuals for University business; operates a fueling and vehicle repair station; and maintains data, titles, and licensing for the vehicle fleet.

The automotive shop maintains the University's vehicle fleet, including Motor Pool. The university fleet consists of approximately 170 licensed vehicles and another 100 off-road equipment items of varying size. Call 3-2869 for service.

Reserving a Vehicle
Motor Vehicle Usage Policy
Daily Lease Rate
Annual Lease Rate
Weekly Mileage Log

To reserve a vehicle, complete the Vehicle Reservation Form online or call 273-2610. For Information on valid users, eligible drivers and vehicle rates, please refer to the Motor Vehicle Usage Policy. Keys can be picked up at the Physical Plan Scheduling Office from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Record the mileage from the odometer before leaving and after you return. Gas for the vehicle can be obtained at the Physical Plant fuel pump if you are in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area. If you are out of the area, a credit card is provided for purchases of gasoline. Return all receipts with the key and credit card when the car is returned.

To report problems call motor pool at (319) 273-2610 during office hours, or after office hours, call public safety at (319) 273-2712. In case of an accident, refer to the information provided in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

To cancel reservations call 273-2610 or email To avoid a one day rental charge, cancel 24 hours prior to reservation.

15 Passenger Vans:
The Motor Pool has 15 passenger vans are available through a rental agreement with the Board of Regents and Enterprise Auto. All drivers must be 21 years of age per that agreement. Departments should verify the age of the drivers when authorizing the reservation. Motor Pool will confirm the age also when the keys are dispatched. Drivers will be provided pertinent information for the safe handling of larger vehicles when they pick up the keys and the driver will be asked to sign after reading the form.