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Resources such as Safety Escorts are available on campus to help prevent campus crime.  Rape Aggression Defense is a self-defense program for women based on teaching simple techniques to improve personal safety. UNI Police Officers act as instructors - both for academic and physical portions of the course. It is an opportunity to learn simple techniques that will allow you to avoid danger when possible or escape as a last option.




Violence Intervention Services has a wide array of services and resources to assist victims. Included in their services, the UNI Violence Intervention Services provides university students who are victims of sexual assault with an online form to anonymously report sexual assault.  Your email address will not appear in the message header.  Completing an anonymous reporting form does not initiate an investigation or a criminal or university complaint. 


Other Resources


UNI Sexual Assault and Misconduct Policy
SAFE  (Self Defense Awareness and Familiarization Exchange)
SAVE (Students Against a Violent Environment)
Violence Counseling
Iowa Sex Offender Registry


Date Updated: January 24, 2013