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Department of Public Safety

Contacting the Police - Silent Witness Online



On Campus: 3-4000

Off Campus: 911

Urgent criminal issues - call 273-2712 - 24 hours a day.

This crime information form is provided so that you can pass information to the Department of Public Safety on ongoing or past crimes. While this form isn't intended to make formal criminal incident reports, it can be used to share your concerns or pass on information regarding criminal activity.

When you complete this form, we ask that you think like the police. Please be as specific as possible on when the crime occurred, where it occurred, the type/method of the crime and the persons involved. The more detailed the information, the more inclusive and focused the investigation of the Department of Public Safety can be.

In reporting possible criminal conduct, details are vital to following up your information in a comprehensive manner. Please include any information that you believe may assist us.

We strongly encourage that you leave an email address or phone number so that UNI staff can contact you should any further information be needed. In a situation involving criminal prosecution or university judicial proceedings, having an ability to stay in touch with you as the reporting party is vital. Thank you for your concern.

Person Reporting the Crime

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Who is involved in the criminal activity?

What is the criminal activity?

When has this criminal activity taken place?

Where is this occurring?

Please be as specific as possible - use building names and compass directions - If you need help locating the name of a building, use the UNI Map

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