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Crime Alerts:

Crime alerts are issued to the University community through the Public Safety Department web page or other forms of announcement to aid in preventing similar crimes or warn students and staff of crimes that may represent a threat to their safety and welfare. The campus community is also informed of crimes reported to the Public Safety Department by other campus security authorities and/or local police agencies.


  • For additional information please check out our Safety Tips Page.
  • If you have any information regarding a past or current crime, or if you would like to report suspicious behavior, please visit our Calling the Police pages.
  • Click Here for past Crime Alerts and updates


Safety Escorts Available

If community members feel threatened, they should take precautions to stay safe. One of the best actions to take to utilize the UNI Safety Escort Services or to walk with another person. UNI Public Safety (phone 3-2712) will offer safety escorts to any community member between locations on campus. Feel free to call to protect your safety.


Date Updated: September 25, 2013