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At the University of Northern Iowa, all students and employees are asked to participate in protecting the greater community.   The most valuable contribution that an individual can make is to develop comprehensive emergency preparations, in other words, make a plan.


The value in making a personal and family emergency plan is two-fold. 


  • First, each person's individual health and safety can be better safeguarded if they take the personal responsibility. 
  • Second, the more prepared an individual or family is to respond to emergency situations, the less reliant they will be on the limited public safety and government resources needed to address crises. 


Less reliance on limited resources will provide more availability for others and more independence for the prepared.


In advocating personal and family emergency plans the goal is not fear-mongering but creating a community more resilient to emergencies.  Emergencies, whether man-made or natural, are best dealt with by planning ahead of time.  A well developed emergency plan can be applied to multiple types of crises.  And in Iowa, the weather creates emergency situations nearly every season. Take a little time to educate yourself and put together a plan for you and your family.


Making an Emergency Plan

The first step in drawing up an emergency plan is learn more about the process. 


Check out Ready.gov, the Federal website developed to guide the emergency planning process for families and individuals and the American Red Cross Be Prepared website.


Familiarize yourself with warning systems developed to help you make informed decisions.

Date Updated: January 24, 2013