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For complete Parking Rules and Regulations, please see the Rules and Regulations for the academic school year.


2010-11 Penalties and Fees

Altering, counterfeiting or illegal use of any parking permit

$75.00 each offense

Failure to purchase parking permit

$15.00 each offense

Improper display of parking permit

$5.00 each offense

Failure to display parking permit

$5.00 each offense

Late payment

$2.00 each offense

Illegal parking

$15.00 each offense

Illegal parking in a Service or Official Vehicle Zone or a Tow Zone

$25.00 each offense

Loading zone parking violations

$15.00 each offense

Disabled parking violations including handicapped access areas

$200.00 each offense

Overtime parking at meters

$10.00 each offense

Parking in G, A, & B lots from 1:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. during snow removal

$25.00 each offense

Vehicles parked along the curb in C, C Preferred and R lots during snow removal

$25.00 each offense

Fines for habitual violators will be double the normal fee

Refer to Section 8.9 (e)

Improper use of roller skates, rollerblades or skateboards

$10.00 each offense

Moving violations:



Driving on campus walks or lawns

$35.00 each offense


Driving around or moving a barricade

$35.00 each offense


Excessive speed on campus drives, streets, and roads

$35.00 each offense


Failure to comply with traffic control devices (stop signs)

$35.00 each offense


All other moving violations

$35.00 each offense

Date Updated: January 24, 2013